Hood Hustlin'

Every summer I become the neighborhood plug... for all pet sitting needs. 

After returning home from my freshmen year of college, I was desperate for cash. So, like any self-respecting entrepreneur from cookie-cutter suburbia would do, I posted on our neighborhood app looking for work. 

It turns out, there was quite a market need for pet sitters. Thus, my career was born. I now manage about 15 clients per summer, while also bartending. As you can probably imagine, I prefer hanging out with dogs rather than drunks.

So, without further ado, I present to you some of the fur balls I've met along the way. 

Meet Pheobe. She will strike a pose for the camera one second, then throw up a treat she's been holding in her mouth for 30 minutes the next. 

Meet Leo. Pet Peeve: Humans who nap. Happiest when: using humans as beds at 5 AM.

Meet Maggie. I have never seen her eyeballs. 

Meet Rocky. Most popular dog in the hood, even loved by cats. Stares at humans until they fall asleep.