Who am I?

Well, that's up for debate. 

I go by Rachael. While my birth certificate spells Rachael with the extra before the e, my social security card spells my name sans the extra a. Just Rachel. Cue identity crisis.


Rachael/Rachels are very particular about the spelling. When we meet one of our own, "how do you spell it???" will be fiercely blurted out before introductions are even over.  This simple letter can determine whether a bond will be formed or broken.

More often than not, "R A C H..... E L" is rattled off, leaving me to wonder, how uncommon can such a common name really be?

So I did some digging. 

In 1996, 2,485 babies were named Rachael and 16,115 were named Rachel.


Here's the twist. This information is from the Social Security Administration, meaning I, Rachael Sherman, skewed the data. A Rachael is being counted as a Rachel. 

To my fellow Rachaels, hello. I am #2,486.

To the Rachels, I don't claim you.

Fast facts about #2,486

Richmond native currently on the hunt for a strategy internship.

Developed a fascination for strategy after many years of asking "why?" about simple phenomena in life.

Currently studying at VCU Brandcenter while visions of sugar plums and getting promoted to Chief Strategy Officer dance in her head.